Proto Rize MaXXed paintball marker blue grey

Ár: 102 000 Ft

The Rize Maxxed additionally features a Real Bore Proto -piece 14″ barrel, giving the Rize Maxxed the accuracy of a top-finish marker. It additionally comes with an all aluminum cam lever DYE Lockdown feed neck, to stay your loader locked in position all through competitive actions, and a DYE on/off UL airport. Convenience and elegance don’t seem to be sacrificed for efficiency with the Rize Maxxed: The UL 45 body, twin density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum cause, and a low profile balanced Layout allows you to clearly keep an eye on and purpose the Rize Maxxed all day in Convenience and the contrasted colour anodizing will provide you with the manner you want. With Anti-Chop eyes, screw in combination bolt Layout, DYE’s self-cleansing M2 collection eye pipe, and colour-coded o-earrings, cleansing and upkeep is fast and easy. In point of fact, the Proto Rize Maxxed was once created and designed for best-stage efficiency at an inexpensive value.

New Fusion Bolt Design
New 3D Milled Body
New Solenoid
Dye UI On/Off Airport
2-piece 14″ Proto Barrel
Anti-chop holiday beam eye gadget
LED circuit board with 4 Match firing modes
adjustable rate of fire
Working Drive – 140 psi
Hyper 3 regulator
Twin Density Sticky Grips
No Slip Regulator Sleeve
Adjustable aluminum cause
Self-cleansing M2 collection Eye Pipe
Colour-coded O-earrings
Barrel Thread – Autococker
BPS – 15 +


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