Eclipse GTek 160R Paintball marker HDE Urban

Ár: 225 000 Ft

In 2015 the GTEK was launched, receiving universal acclaim. Powered by its incredible new drivetrain, the Gamma Core™, the GTEK massively over-performed from the outset, making it very clear that the Gamma Core™ was meant for much greater things.

So we bring you the GTEK 160R.

Powered by the revolutionary Gamma Core™ spool-valve drivetrain, the GTEK 160R is an upper-mid-range marker that pushes the realms of true high-end performance. 
Boasting an all-metal billet-machined construction, OLED user interface, hose-less air-transfer system (using our tried-and-tested AT-Pipe) 
and the supreme Gamma Core™ drivetrain, the GTEK 160R is a genuine game changer.

It offers everything you need to compete at any level, in any format, anywhere on the Planet.


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