Eclipse GEO CS1.5 Paintball marker

Ár: 375 000 Ft

Rendelhető színek: Midnight black, Light Trooper silver / black, VYPR3 apple green / black, Atlantic3 cyan / navy, silver / green, Punk black / pink, Vypr2 black / green, silver / pink

The aggressive, weight-optimized milling, the revolutionary Low-Rise Deftek Feedneck, the Planet Eclipse Blade Trigger, as well as the super-lightweight Shaft FL Carbon-Fiber Barrel System improve and sharpen the GEO CS platform.

The CS1.5’s aggressive milling looks amazing, and further reduces its weight. The newly constructed Low-Rise Deftek Feedneck reduces its height, and prevents paintballs from jamming in the breach.The Blade Trigger emphasizes the more aggressive and angular Styling-Package of the CS1.5. Finally, the hugely popular Shaft FL carbon fibre barrel system that debuted with the CSR (designed and manufactured in collaboration with DeadlyWind™) has been added to the package for optimum performance and weight saving intent. And speaking of weight, the CS1.5 weighs just 892g, over 90g lighter than the original CS1.

All air lines run through the frame. From the SL5 regulator air is fed through the frame and directly into the ISCIS3 (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) solenoid assembly. The air doesn't travel through any bodywork first, and all gas transfer ports between components (POPS, frame and ISCIS3 solenoid) use enclosed and captured gaskets rather than cheap o-ring face seals. With the SL5 regulator now located in the frame it's enabled even more exciting features to be added to the foregrip area.

Slide off the tool-less grip and you will expose a custom manufactured glass fibre composite battery holder. Running at a mere 3V, the CS1's advanced industry-leading electronics achieve better performance from AA batteries than the previous GEO did from 9V batteries. With the foregrip off you also have access to the tool-less breech sensor covers.

The CS1.5 utilizes a interface between the electronics in the frame and those mounted to the body, such as the breech sensor and the solenoid. Gone are the plug-in wire-type connections, replaced instead by edge-mount sprung terminals as used in mobile military telecommunications devices to provide reliable and durable connectivity.


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