Eclipse ETek5 Paintball marker Black

Ár: 155 000 Ft

The ETEK line has always stood for durability and reliability.
Now in its 5th generation, the New ETEK5 holds true to those same basic principles.
It utilizes the finest materials wrapped up in a package that offers outstanding performance, class-leading ergonomics and an array of features that make
it a formidable proposition at its price point.
It pushes the boundaries of what has come to be expected from a mid-range marker.
Zick3 Rammer System
Cure5 Bolt
Internal LPR
SL4 Inline Regulator
Inline OOPS
Larger Valve Chamber
85psi LPR Pressure
150psi Inline Pressure
Contoured Dual-Density Grip and Console
Dual-Density Unibody Foregrip
Durable SMC Solenoid Valve
Tool-less Bolt, Rammer and Valve Removal
14.5” Two-Piece Barrel (Shaft4 compatible - Bore size may vary)
Infra-Red Break Beam Sensors
RGB LED Interface
16-Bit Microprocessor - 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
Deftek Offset Feed Tube
Lever Operated Clamping Feed
Integrated Rammer Housing
Integrated FRM
Magnetic Trigger Return
Ramping and Semi-Auto Modes
Compliant with Regulations of all Major Paintball Leagues
32x128 Graphical OLED Display (Upgrade Only)


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